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Eleven Eleven, 2010: “M/mediation I Dominance” | “M/mediation II Submission”


Blackbird, Fall 2009: “Alice Coltrane and Discovers the World G/god is B/born” | “string theory”


Superstition Review, Spring 2009, Issue 3: "The Slaves Notebook" | "Lesson: Daphne, As Tree, Forgetting" | "Lesson: She as Lotus Eater" | "Lesson: writing Not the Personal" | "Lesson: Looking Away"


Colorado Poets Center: "Alice Coltrane Discovers the World and G/God is B/Born" | "The Window Cleaner Dreams of Grass" | "The Window Cleaner Writes to the Astronaut's Husband"


PoemHunter.Com, 2010: “He Dreams of Falling”


The Drunken Boat:"When Zeus Swallowed Metis " | "Continuum | "Learning-To-Be-Middle-Class Checklist "


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Sequence/and/Fragment - Graduate Poetry Workshop Fall 2010


(Un)Defining the Lyric: Elegy, Eros, Ode